Murders: Robert Thompson and Jon Venables

Your offence involved sending the most vile and degrading messages via Twitter to Denise Fergus Judge Adele Williams Shockingly, when police raided Cowan’s home at the time in Margate, they found pictures of dead and mutilated babies and a photograph of Jamie Bulger’s grave on her computer. Canterbury Crown Court was told officers also found pictures of Jamie being led away by his killers and a photograph of Mrs Fergus with a hangman’s noose around her neck. Cowan had a macabre interest in child deaths, child rape, serial killers, and notorious child murderers Myra Hindley, Ian Huntley and Rose West. At an earlier hearing, the court also heard how Cowan was addicted to laxatives. Prosecuting, Peter Forbes revealed how Cowan had created an alter-ego in the name of Farina La Rose , with her own date of birth and claiming to be a child murderer. Cowan also created accounts in the names of ‘Bulger’s Ghost’ and ‘John Venables’- one of Jamie’s killers. The prosecutor said other messages sent between February and May were “particularly cruel”. One of them – in which Mrs Fergus was tagged – read: It is just pure cruel. Cowan was also given a ten-year ban from contacting Mrs Fergus or her family.

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Seven years on, Venables is back in jail after more hideous images of child abuse were found on his computer. It was in that Venables and his accomplice, Robert Thompson, both aged ten, led two-year-old James to a railway track in Merseyside to torture and murder him with unspeakable violence. Both were released in and given new identities. A chance to create new lives. And while Thompson did just that and settled into his community in the North-West, Venables was arrested in for affray and cocaine possession.

Two years later, Venables pleaded guilty to downloading images of child abuse — only to be given parole in , and handed a second new identity. Now that he has re-offended yet again, we surely have to ask: Membership of a civilised society demands that we are duty-bound to help those who want to change for the better. I have worked with charities which champion prisoner education, and I have seen hardened criminals emerge from jail reformed, full of hope and keen to contribute to society.

Robert Thompson would seem to be a case in point.

Murders: Robert Thompson and Jon Venables

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email The dad of murdered toddler James Bulger says you “can’t rewire evil” as he calls for killer Jon Venables to be locked up for good. It was revealed yesterday that Venables – who killed Bulger along with Robert Thompson aged just 10 – was back behind bars after police allegedly discovered child sex abuse images on his laptop. James’ mum Denise Fergus branded Venables a “vile, perverted psychopath” after he was jailed again.

Read More Speaking to The Sun, he said: PA Read More The murder that shocked the world: Horrific case of James Bulger and the child killers who tortured him to death James’ mother Denise Fergus has also hit out at the Probation Service and accused officials of a “cover up” after only finding out a week later that the killer was in custody.

James Bulger’s killer Jon Venables identified online after being caught with child abuse pictures Where is Jon Venables now and did James Bulger’s killer get a new identity after the murder Jon Venables ‘searched for single mothers on dating site’ | Breaking News US/Australia.

In an interview for an ITV documentary, which also shows him visiting the site of James’s murder for the first time, Ralph Bulger says he will “never forgive” Robert Thompson and Jon Venables for killing his son, and blames “the system” for letting them walk free after only eight years in prison. His remarks will revive the controversy over the decision two years ago by Lord Woolf, the Lord Chief Justice, to reduce the tariff on Venables’s and Thompson’s indefinite sentences to a minimum of eight years.

Mr Bulger appealed against the decision without success and, four months later, Venables and Thompson, who were both aged 10 when they committed the murder, were released from custody and given new identities. In the documentary, Real Life: A Father’s Story, to be broadcast on Tuesday to mark the 10th anniversary of his son’s death, Mr Bulger said Lord Woolf’s actions, and the parole board’s subsequent decision to release the killers, had left him living with a “cancerous” hatred of the judicial system.

All I’ve seen from it is Thompson and Venables get the best of everything – like it’s all right to go out and murder a child. The state’s saying, ‘We’ll look after you’. All I feel is like a big knot in my chest all the time. Sometimes you feel like you can’t breathe with it…Hate – that’s all I can think it is. The system doesn’t work.

Jamie Bulger’s dad calls for son’s killer to be unmasked and face REAL punishment

Mother of James Bulger shares her biggest regret 25 years on from his murder Independent. Jon Venables and Robert Thompson tortured and killed two-year-old James in Liverpool in England in , after abducting him from the Bootle Strand shopping centre. Jon Venables left and Robert Thompson Denise Fergus, James’s mother, said the final hours she spent with her son will “be etched on my mind until my dying day”.

She added that she still blames herself for taking her eyes off James and letting go of his hand as she went to pay for pork chops.

Nov 25,  · Murder of James Bulger – Wikipedia Previously the Home Secretary of the day had the power to determine the length of a sentence of this nature. At least a politician can be held to account to some extent. Faceless and appointed “experts” cannot. Another reason for BREXIT?.

Police handout photo of Jon Venables, 10, who along with Robert Thompson, also 10, kidnapped then killed 2-year-old toddler James Bulger from a shopping centre in Liverpool. The woman, who hasn’t been named, dated the monster after he seduced her while they rode the same bus together, The Sun reports. She said she only discovered she had kissed Venables, who was just ten when he murdered the two-year-old, when someone showed her a recent photo of him.

She said Venables told her he was a manipulative womaniser who trawled the internet looking for sex and had been with “a lot of women”. BWP Media via Getty Images “Our circle of friends are in shock, we have known him for years, people have introduced him to their children. The pair shared a kiss after smartly-dressed Venables paid for all the drinks but they went their separate ways at the end of the night.

She said he was confident, obnoxious and had “a very dark sense of humour”. After she revealed to the fiend she had a boyfriend, he apparently began bombarding her with text messages and threatened to tell her partner.

Jon Venables: Investigation into leaking of Jamie Bulger killer’s new identity on social media

A police photo of Jon Venables as a child Image: But any woman who gets in touch with him will have no idea they are chatting to a convicted killer and child sex offender. The year-old uses a new name on his dating profile. It cannot be revealed due to legislation which bans revealing any details of the new identity he received after being jailed for murdering the toddler in The name of the website — which is popular with young, single mums — cannot be revealed either.

Jon Venables and Robert Thompson are the two youngest killers in British history. Back in the two ten year old boys lured away a two year old boy who was at the mall with his mother.

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Jon Venables Now

Both Thompson and Venables were bunking of school, something they usually did as neither of them were a big fan of school. As well as loitering, both of the boys were seen stealing items of the various shops such as sweets, a Troll Doll, some batteries and a can of blue paint — some of these items were later found at the crime scene. Thompson later revealed in a police interview they were going to find a child to kidnap, lead the child to the busy road beside the mall and push the child into the oncoming traffic.

During the walk, the boys were seen by around 38 people; James had a bump on his head and was crying but most people did nothing, assuming that James was a younger brother of one of the boys. They kicked and stood on him, also throwing bricks and stones at him.

James Bulger killer Jon Venables signs up to online dating website. In, it was reported that Venables had tried to seduce a single mother-of-one through a social networking site.

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. The Mirror reported , that on the steps of the Old Bailey , a statement on behalf of Denise was read after Venables, now 35, received a month sentence. Denise’s spokesman Chris Johnson, from the Justice for James campaign, said: PA PA Jamie Bulger killer Jon Venables pleads guilty to possession of indecent images of children Venables’ lawyer apologised in court to the Bulger family for “renewed distress by his re-offending and the subsequent publicity”.

But Mr Johnson said afterwards: Mr Johnson said in his statement outside the Old Bailey: It was the second time he had been caught with such images and when he was arrested he told police he was plagued by “stupid urges”. Sentencing him on Wednesday at the Old Bailey, Mr Justice Edis said the latest images were “vile” and “heartbreaking”, adding that many showed abuse of young boys like James.

Inmates Put ‘Price On James Bulger Killer’s Head’ After Finding Out Who He Is