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Share this article Share Police discovered Mrs Barnes, 32, around 40 minutes later at the couple’s new-build property in Rednal, on the other side of Birmingham. There neighbours described hearing a burglar alarm briefly go off at the property on Monday night, less than two hours before Mrs Barnes was discovered in cardiac arrest. A student who lives in the area said: It ended very quickly, though, so I thought nothing of it and went to bed. Mr Barnes described his wife as ‘perfect’ in Facebook posts at the time of their wedding Police are investigating what motivated Mr Barnes to allegedly kill his wife and then himself ‘When I woke up this morning and found out what had happened, I couldn’t really believe it to be honest. He does not appear alongside his wife in pictures from her sister Emily’s wedding last November posted on Facebook by relatives.

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Public sentiment turned against Sheriff Keith Mars Enrico Colantoni , who was ousted from office and abandoned by his wife. Cue the title character. Despite having lost so much, Veronica is resilient enough to move on with her life, and as her father struggles to stay afloat as a private eye, Veronica puts her smarts and determination to work to help ease the caseload at Mars Investigations. She also puts her talents to use to help her classmates with their troubles — for a price, of course.

What convinced Lianne Mars to abandon her family, and where is she now? Who was it who drugged and raped Veronica last December?

#steve rogers #natasha romanov #bucky barnes #james ‘bucky’ barnes/natasha romanov/steve rogers #fluff #explicit #canonverse #4k to memory now I can’t recall – Etharei → While on a mission storming a HYDRA facility, James Buchanan Barnes touches one of the many strange alien devices collected by .

He softly smiled, sleepiness still present in his eyes. He sighed and closed his eyes again, pulling you closer to his body. His muscular arms wrapped around you. He laid a soft kiss on your forehead, trying to make this moment last. Trying to hold onto you for as long as he can. Everything about this affair was horrible.

You loved Bucky with all your heart but you were married, in a loveless marriage. And within those months, you met and fell in love with Bucky. But the arrangement, the affair, sucked. It made your heart break and shatter. You wish you could just stay in this bed with him and embrace and love him.

There’s nothing here.

Teen to Mature Characters: What is a museum but a house for a story that is told over and over again, that tells itself over and over again. Before, Steve would have shrugged and thought nothing of it. The world changed, he changed and the story stayed the same.

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This is a conversation between Tony Stark and Bucky Barnes. I have a favor to ask you, Stark? Alright, whatever, go for it. My arm kinda got messed up and needs to be fixed Tony Stark: Hey, know you can’t see me, but you gotta calm down. I’m different from German or Russian or whoever had you back then, aright? He then looks up at Tony and slowly nods his head. Caves and portals do the same with me, buddy.

What’s wrong with it, exactly? It keeps sending electric shocks into my body. I also don’t do well with being electrocuted. It started doing it after we got back from fighting Dr. Doom and his murderbotts.


Steve and Bucky spend a day at Disneyland. For a hundred year old man, he is extremely excited to go to Disneyland. Steve, on the other hand, completely ignored what Bucky said and seemed to walk even faster to their car. Bucky had long stopped listening to what he was saying because it was all Steve talks about ever since he had this day planned. It had been so long since he last saw his Stevie so happy, and he was glad that he was there to see him smile so wide and carefree again.

Maybe Bucky is just as excited as Steve to go to Disneyland for the first time in the 20th century.

Afraid of Him (Bucky x Reader) Request: okay so request where the reader has telekinesis, and she’s dating Bucky, and Bucky gets triggered into being the Winter Solider and he badly injury’s the reader, the reader ends up in the hospital recovering and maybe she’s like out of it or something and Bucky and Steve are with her and Bucky tells Steve to take care of you and protect you.

This is my first Soulmate one shot. I hope that you guys like this. The biggest curve ball, however was the fact that you had a deceased soldiers name written on your right hip. James Buchanan Barnes was written in elegant cursive on your right hip, and it had been there since you were born. Your parents had tried to keep the fact that your soulmate was dead from you as long as possible.

That was until you came home from school when you were 13 years old in tears sobbing. You rushed out of school bawling your eyes out in the bathroom while your best friend did her best to comfort you. From that point on you went about your life ignoring the name of your soulmate that was written on your hip. You excelled at school even graduating high school two whole years early before scoring an internship at Stark Industries until you were 18 and hired on full time to work in a lab with nuclear fusion to help make clean energy.

You quickly got your bachelors and masters from MIT to help increase your salary as it was paid for by Mr. Stark or Pepper Potts the two people you worked for and considered second parents…At least until the Sokovia Accords were brought into existence. You were currently enjoying your day off as you sat in the kitchen of the new Avengers Facility.

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The Morning After – Sebastian Stan x Reader The morning after your first time together and sebastian thinks you look stunning despite your disheveled hair and makeup-less face. There was a nice ache running through your bones, the kind of ache that told you that you had experienced a great night. In this instance, you had turned into the Winter Soldier.

You felt overly aware of the fact that you and Seb had only been dating for a month; obviously this problem needed resolved immediately. Carefully, you used what very little ninja skills you had to escape his grip and get off the bed, afraid that he might see your face, you also grabbed the top sheet off the bed and used it to hide yourself.

Learning Again Masterlist (Modern!AU) After running away from your abusive boyfriend, you bump into your ex, the very soft yet very protective Bucky Barnes who immediately shelters you in what used to be your shared apartment. Slowly but surely, you learn to enjoy life again.

Originally posted by avengersmemes Summary: Loki x Reader Word count: As always, requests are open but please be patient with me! You were standing by the counter top pouring yourself some morning coffee as everyone else sat around the kitchen eating. It started off with the topic of Tony and Pepper getting back together, and then to Sharon, then to Jane and so forth. Eventually the topic led onto you, as for you were one of the only avengers without any love interest, or any excuse to avoid that.

You could probably use it too. Say, when was the last time you were in a relationship?

What Bucky Has In That Backpack In Civil War, According To Sebastian Stan

Baal at the Grand Comics Database Baal was the leader of the Sandstormers, who found Apocalypse as a baby and raised him. Baal is the leader of the Sandstormers, raiders and scavengers in ancient Egypt who lived by the dogma of survival of the fittest. When Kang the Conqueror went back in time in his spaceship, the Sphinx , and crash landed, he was found by the Sandstormers.

Inside, Baal and his people found a wounded Kang, and nursed him back to health. When Kang recovered, he ran away and became pharaoh of Egypt as Rama Tut. He returned with soldiers to reclaim his jewel, which the Sandstormers had stolen.

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Bucky x Reader Prompt: In which surprise Bucky by dressing up as your favorite superhero for Halloween, which is himself. Part two is comming soon. Tag list is open, all you gotta do is ask. Also, the art is not mine. If you know the author send me the link so I can link their work here. You went down the elevator straight to find Tony. He rolled his eyes but nodded and left the lab. Bucky was the person that you trusted the most on the tower and it was weird for you not wanting him to know something.

Even if you need one.

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This is actually kinda dirty smutLanguage! Your short shorts riding up your thighs as Buckys shirt went to your mid thighs. But when you were alone, you were a sucker for blaring music and just letting it flow through you. You scrubbed the counters, cleaned the dishes and had cleaned the living room throughout the day after some alone time….. Little did you know, Bucky was walking into the kitchen at this very moment. He heard the music as it was unusually loud so he decided not to say anything as he peeked in.

Remember (Bucky Barnes x reader) part 2. Summary: After the power surge and the helicopter crash between Bucky and Steve, Bucky wakes up in an abandoned building where Steve, Sam, and the reader were holding him.

Alcohol consumption Word count: The people around you have become your second family. They were all incredibly nice to you, trying everything to make it easier to get used to your new job, new surrounding, new life. But of course, every change brings positive as well as negative effects. That negative effect was a metal armed soldier. The first time you met him he already had an effect on you, his blue eyes shining while he smiled almost making your knees buckle. But already then you told yourself it would be dumb to fall for him.

You worked with him, keeping it professional was rule number 1. Nothing more than friends. Sadly, your fondness for him only grew over time. You suddenly noticed all the little things he did. Like the way his nose would scrunch up when he laughed really hard, or the way he furrowed his brows and sometimes bit his lip when he was concentrated.

The sad smile he gave you when he came to you after a nightmare and the peaceful breathing when he accidentally fell asleep in your room after. These and all the other small details made you completely fall for him, and you hated yourself for it.

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